Jack Webster - Web Design and SEO in Stafford, Staffordshire

I design and develop smart, responsive websites, to look great on all devices - web, mobile and tablet.

I provide a friendly and personal service, to grow and manage your business online.

I would love to work with you, so please get in touch today.

- Jack Webster

Web Design & Development Services


Whether you're starting from scratch, or using existing branding & logos, we can provide a design that looks great and is functional too.

It's great to have a visually impressive site, but you also want a site that is easy to navigate, accessible and useful to your visitors. A website design from the 90's isn't going to do you any favours, but a site that relies too much on visual effects and animations is also guaranteed to lose you business. This is why it helps to have a specialised web designer, who understands how your visitors interact with your website, and knows where to strike the balance.


We custom build sites from scratch by default, and we won't use a pre-built or bought template unless specifically requested. Templates can be a quick and cheap way of making a site look good, but often the code behind them is heavy and impractical. This can make your site slow to load, frustrating to use, and can hurt your search engine rankings.

As we also build your site from the ground up, there is no need for compromise in either design or functionality. Your site, your way.


The next step in getting the most from your website is to make sure you have visitors. We provide SEO, Local SEO and online marketing services to ensure that your site ranks in the major search engines, and that your potential customers are not finding your competitors' websites first.

Marketing the website is an involved process, so we need to have a close working relationship with our clients, and a good understanding of what products and/or services they provide to be able to market their site effectively.


The majority of web developers and designers can and will provide you with a content management system to update and amend your website, and we're no exception to that - if you want a content management system we can and do provide it.

We also provide a full management service. If you're not particularly technical, or would rather let a professional handle the important task of keeping your website and it's content up-to-date, then we're more than happy to step in.

Software updates, minor amends, new content.. we can handle it.

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The Full Package

We don't just make your website look great. In addition to a slick, professional website we can also provide you with plenty of extras to help keep it, and your business, running smoothly.

  • Fast and secure e-mail accounts, synchronised across your devices.
  • Hosting on powerful, reliable servers, keeping your website online.
  • Domain names, set up, managed, and automatically renewed.
  • Trusted SSL certificates with strong encryption.
  • ...anything else? Just ask!