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How To Promote Your Local Business, Part 5

If you have been following our guides to help you promote your business online, you already know about getting started by listing your website online, creating useful content, and the importance of sharing that content across a wide range of social media channels. Now it's time to see just how successful all that effort has been.

The next step is determining how effective your content is, how your social media campaigns are performing, and identifying strengths and weaknesses across each of your channels. The way to do this is through constantly monitoring your marketing to watch for changes in traffic, engagement, and conversions of your website.

Google Analytics

By now you are probably very familiar with Google. It is the king of search, with more searches being made on Google than the other top search engines combined. In addition to search, Google provides tools for businesses and marketers to help grow and compete online. One of these tools is known as Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a platform that analyses traffic to your website, such as where the origin of the traffic is (Facebook, through search, other social media platforms, directly typing in your website’s URL) as well as demographics on your traffic (where they live, their age) and how your users are behaving on your site (where they click, when they leave).

Signing up for a Google Analytics account is extremely easy and you can get started here. Once you have your account, a little snippet of code can be added to your website and you can begin analysing your website’s traffic.

Campaign Tracking

Simply determining how users are getting to your site is valuable insight, but Google Analytics and other tracking software allow you to take things even further. To make sure each of your campaigns are working as effectively as possible, you want to track each of them individually. Campaign tracking through Google Analytics allows you to do exactly that.

All of the information you receive overall will then be accessible for each campaign. This allows you to see who is clicking your links from a specific Facebook promotion, how they are behaving on your site, if they are converting to leads, and similar metrics. If you notice one campaign performing better than the rest, you will have the insight you need to repeat that campaign and, inversely, stop working on campaigns that simply are not performing well.

AdWords and Facebook Ads

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool but some advertisement platforms offer their own insights into marketing, the two most popular being AdWords and Facebook Ads. AdWords and FB Ads are known as pay per click services where you only pay each time someone clicks on your ad, not by the amount of views the ad has. This is advantageous because you never have to worry about blowing through your budget that doesn’t have any click conversions.

Just like any other campaign, you want to make sure you are using these tracking tools as well. Facebook Ads allows you to track how every campaign is performing, which ads are being clicked on most, which ads have the highest click through rate, and which ads are providing the most ROI.

AdWords is very similar but you also have the ability to track specific keywords that are being used to find your ad, how each keyword is performing, and many other valuable insights to how each paid campaign is working against the other.

Tracking Is Not Limited To Online Marketing Campaigns

When most people think of tracking data for their website, they only think about traffic generated online. With a few simple but clever tactics, however, you can also track offline campaigns to see how your efforts with things like direct mail marketing, face to face networking, and print ads are performing for your online presence.

The simplest way to do this is to create a custom, unique URL for each of your offline campaigns. For example, if you are running a print ad for a Christmas special, instead of simply listing your website’s name, you could make By creating this custom URL that redirects to your main page, you can track all of the users that went directly to that URL knowing they are coming from offline marketing efforts.

Feeling Overwhelmed? We Can Help

No matter how good your marketing campaigns may look on the surface, they may not be performing as well as they could. Analytics can help you take out the guess work and dial in on what’s working and what isn’t. For more information on tracking and finding success for your business online, give us a call on 0845 467 5659.

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