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How To Promote Your Local Business, Part 3

In the last couple of articles I've spoken about the basics first steps of promoting your business online - starting to think seriously about who your audience (and therefore potential customers) are, and making sure that your website is listed properly in places that it can be found.

The next step towards effective online marketing is to create and maintain your social media presence, which is an increasingly important area for businesses to be involved in.

Social media is a great way to promote your business - it allows you to put out more informal and friendly messages about your business, and allows you a platform on which to actively engage with your clients, rather than the one-way relationship of other media. Social media can also be very difficult, frustrating and time consuming - so here are some tips to make sure you are sending the right message and creating the engagement that you want.

Keep Pages Updated

As obvious as it may sound to some of you, it's essential to keep your social pages updated. A blog with no posts, a twitter account with no tweets or a snapchat with no snaps is a tragic sight. At best, it makes it look like your business is disorganised, at worst, it gives the impression that you may be out of business, or dormant.

Facebook feeds are filled with new stories every time someone refreshes their page and there are thousands of tweets happening at any given second, so making sure your business is active is very important.

In recent research done by Buffer, an online app that allows businesses to embed social sharing buttons on their website, it was revealed that no matter what type of platform you are on, you need to be making multiple posts per day to be as effective as possible. This means making a Facebook post at least twice per day, 3 times per day for Twitter, and up to 5 pins on Pinterest every single day for maximum engagement.

These numbers seem daunting, and may vary depending on your business category but the important point is that you must keep your social media pages up to date and active. You should be sharing, retweeting, and pinning not only your own content but also relevant content from similar authorities that may be of interest to your customer base.

Tailor Content For Different Audiences

If you go back to the first article, Learn Your Audience, we discussed the importance of creating different buyer/client personas for your business. No matter what type of business you run, you are going to have different types of customers that use your products or service. These audiences are not looking for the same thing, and the type of content that you create and share on social media should reflect that. If you are a personal trainer, for example, a message designed for a 70 year old about staying in shape after retirement will likely not be the same content that appeals to a 25 year old body builder. You can try to appeal to both groups, but it's not a good idea to try and do it at the same time - as it only dilutes your message. As unusual as it may sound, trying to appeal to a smaller, more specific group can often result in more new customers and enquiries than trying to appeal to everyone.

Making different types of content for your different audiences is important and it’s important that you test what works. If certain types of content — such as how to guides — seem to have a greater appeal to your audiences, sharing similar content will be more effective than simply changing it up for the sake of variety. Having a consistent, reliable voice is more important than trying to appeal to everyone.

Take Advantage Of Social Media With Special Offers

One of the best aspects of social media is that it is instant and your customers can share information they like with their own friends, allowing your business to reach a wider audience. One of the best ways to generate new shares, likes, and retweets is through advertising special offers and other unique events specific to your business. A few ideas that could boost your social engagement include:

  • Running a contest to enter a photo about your business and see who gets the most likes or shares.
  • Sharing special promotional offers exclusive for people who have liked your social media pages.
  • Giving away products for social media milestones (such as the first 1000 likes on Facebook, or your first 500 followers on Twitter).

Having Trouble With Social Media? Consider A Professional

When you are running a social media campaign, you want to make sure that you are maintaining a constant presence on all the relevantsocial media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and that you are sharing and creating useful and relevant content. This requires a lot of attention to detail to ensure your customers are getting what they want and your business is getting the most out of social media, and sometimes it’s too much on your own.

With years of experience managing social media for other businesses, I can help you set up your pages, manage your accounts, and grow your social presence so you get the most out of each channel. For more information, give me a call or click here to contact me. You can find out more about my other SEO and online marketing services here:

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