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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essential tool to make sure your website is successful. It is designing and modifying your website in such a way to attract more traffic (visitors) to your website. With proper research and optimisation we can achieve a great ranking for your website on all the major search engines.

We also provide other online marketing - which can include recommending and running online advertising campaigns for your site with Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, and researching and securing links to your website from other related sites.

All of this means more visitors to your site, and more visitors means more customers for your business.

SEO in Stafford & Staffordshire

We specialise in providing local SEO and digital marketing. This is a customised service for local businesses that provides additional specific techniques for marketing a business with a physical presence in the local area.

Local SEO can mean taking a very different strategy to general or national SEO and marketing, and can be much more effective if you're targeting clients mainly within a certain geographical area. Done well, it can influence the type of marketing and advertising you do, the type of content you want on your website, the web design, and even the code you use to create the web pages.

From time to time, we also produce articles about Local SEO, with a focus on SEO and Marketing in Staffordshire, to help you understand the process and the services we provide.

Site Audit

We would be happy to provide a free, no obligation audit of your site. The manual audit will analyse how you could improve the content, design and coding of your site for better search engine rankings and sales. If you are interested, just fill in your e-mail and web site address below.

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Local SEO articles

  • International and Multilingual SEO

    by Jack Webster on 16th June 2017

    If you have a business that operates in multiple countries and areas, or a business that targets tourists and people of various nationalities, then there's a good chance that you will want a site that uses multiple languages or targets multiple regions.

    When you begin to design, develop or optimise (SEO) a site that targets multiple languages or regions, there are suddenly a lot more factors that you need to take into account. In this article I hope to explain simply some of the things you will probably need to consider (or make sure that your web designer considers) so that you can provide a good experience to your audience, and place well in Google's search results.

  • Why Your Local Business Needs a Mobile Website

    by Jack Webster on 15th April 2016

    A lot of local businesses still have websites that aren't optimised for mobile and tablet devices. This means that their website won't display correctly when they get a visitor using a mobile or tablet device. The visitor might find the site hard to use, it might be impossible to access all the information - and all statistics show that this is increasingly likely to lose you a sale.

  • Part 6 - Have A Great Website

    by Jack Webster on 12th April 2016

    Welcome to the final article (for now) of our guide to promoting your local business online. Throughout these articles we have covered a wide range of topics to help you find success through digital marketing. At the core of every digital marketing campaign is one very important element: your website.

  • Part 5 - Monitor Your Marketing

    by Jack Webster on 5th April 2016

    If you have been following our guides to help you promote your business online, you already know about getting started by listing your website online, creating useful content, and the importance of sharing that content across a wide range of social media channels. Now it's time to see just how successful all that effort has been.

  • Part 4 - Create Valuable Content

    by Jack Webster on 28th March 2016

    In our previous post, we went over the impact social media can have and how important it is to share content to your audience multiple times per day. The obvious question after that is what content should be shared? If you don’t have content on your website already, such as relevant articles and blog posts, now is the time to start writing.

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