Your Content IS Your Business

Your content is the most important part of your online presence, whether it's on your website or your social media accounts. It's important for the experience and impression that it provides to your users and visitors, and it's really important to search engines like Google. Content is what Google uses to decide what your website is about, and how high you should appear in the search results.

Recent Content is Best for your Website

Having regularly updated, current and relevant content gives a great impression to visitors, and Google. It shows that your business is active, and is a great hint that the information contained on your website is much more likely to be accurate and up-to-date. There is nothing worse for users than finding a relevant and impressive looking business when searching, only to find that it has closed, moved, or the contact details no longer work. This is a terrible experience for searchers, and Google knows this.

Updating and maintaining your website can no longer be an afterthought to having a great website design.

What do I say?

It's not always easy to keep your content up to date, and to think of ideas for how to keep your website fresh and relevant - but here are a few ideas for you that are generally relevant to all businesses.

News section

This is the easiest and most obvious idea - update your website and social media profile with the latest developments of your business. This also shows your potential customers what your business is about.

Publish testimonials

Follow up with your current and previous clients - feedback is great to make sure you're providing a great service, but top quality testimonials are also amazing content for your website. Showing potential customers that you already have a large portfolio of satisfied clients is incredibly reassuring.

Images and Video

Not all content has to be text - maybe you have some great images or video of your work that you can share with your customers. This works great for tourism companies, and any more visual services.

Start a Web Log

Commonly known as a blog. Keep up to date with other industry websites and articles and publish your own thoughts and reflections on the topic. If you want to go really far down this road you may even be able to establish yourself as an industry authority - this can get a lot of relevant websites to link to you and give you a great reputation as someone who really understands the niche you are in.


If you really hate creating content, or you absolutely can't think of anything relevant, then get in touch - and I can help you with some ideas specifically for your business. I can also provide you with some great web design and SEO, especially if you're a business based in Staffordshire or the West Midlands.

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