Content Management Systems in Stafford, Staffordshire

A website that comes with a content management system, allows you to log in via the internet and create, remove or update the content of your website - quickly and simply. You won't need to be a computer expert, or have any special skills - they are generally quite straightforward to use - a little bit like a word processor.

It's very important to keep your content up to date - it shows your users that your web page is current, which allows them to trust the information available. It also shows Google that your site is current, relevant and updated regularly - which will help your positioning in the search engine results, and helps customers to find you more easily.

If you are looking for web development in a specific content management system, I can provide and amend websites in WordPress, Drupal or any of the major content management systems. I also work with some of the more modern content management systems like Grav.

For my own web design I tend to recommend my bespoke content management system, which I designed and developed here in Stafford. This is very fast, flexible and adaptable to your needs.

If you're looking for web design in Stafford that can guarantee to provide you a top quality website that works, and provides you with more customers, you can get in touch using the form on this page.

Advantages of a Content Management System

  • Price - with a content management system you can create and update the content on your website yourself, saving on the cost of a web designer.
  • Keep your website current - a content management system allows you the freedom to update your website whenever you want, keeping your content relevant and up-to-date.
  • Flexibility - a CMS allows you to create and change the structure and content of your site when you have the time and resources. It also allows you to update the site quickly and easily to reflect any changes in your business.

Disadvantages of a Content Management System

  • Speed - many of the traditional content management systems can be slower - they are systems developed to fill the needs of many different companies and websites, and so they can run slower than other types of website.
  • Design - Often, content management systems will come with a template design. These can be worse for SEO and your site can end up looking the same as many thousands of other sites that exist on the internet.
  • Time - With a content management system, it is your responsiblity to update and maintain the website yourself, and for many businesses this isn't a priority. If you have a web designer to maintain and update the website for you, then it is something you don't need to worry about, and it will be taken care of for you.

Where to start?

I always start by researching and discussing your requirements and the aims of the website - this allows us to decide which content on the website is likely to need changing and updating, and whether you have the time or desire to update it yourself, or if you would like this taken care of for you.

I would then custom build your website to the design and structure that we have agreed upon, creating the design and code from scratch.

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